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Hot New Ringtone

Written by Jill Morrison
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You can update the sound of your cell phone with a hot new ringtone. New ringtones are available each day. They are a great replacement for boring standard rings that come with most phones.

Choosing a Hot New Ringtone

When looking for a new ringtone, you can choose from a large list of popular songs. They are available in many styles of music. The most popular styles are currently pop and rap.

A hot new ringtone usually includes songs that are currently playing on the radio, are featured in movies or television, or are popular for parties. Hot party songs, such as La Cucaracha, the Chicken Dance, I'm Too Sexy, and Blue are usually well-received. Movie themes such as Top Gun, Jaws, Eight Mile, and Back to the Future are also heavily downloaded.

The only problem with a hot new ringtone is that popular songs on the radio tend to change frequently. The most popular artist on the radio to download is currently 50 Cent, but that may change shortly. Many websites offer package deals that allow you to alleviate this problem by rotating ringtones frequently.

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