Korean Ringtones

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Korean music from various eras, movie theme songs, and television tunes have been converted to Korean ringtones. These cellular phone rings are ideal for both Koreans and Americans who find other cultures fascinating. There really is a wide selection of Korean jingles from which to choose.

Popular songs are one of the most common types of Korean ringtones. There are hit songs, which still receive much radio play in Korea, that are currently available for download. This music is ideal for Koreans who want to connect with their culture by hearing current music whenever someone dials their number.

In addition to current hits, Korean oldies are also available. The Korean equivalent of Elvis Presley can be downloaded today. All one has to do is create a free account with a company that sells Korean ringtones, and then point and click on the right songs.

Comical Korean Ringtones

Instead of listening to songs whenever someone calls, people can download funny dialogues to be used in place of telephone rings. Some of these humorous sound bytes are in Korean. These are ideal for people who speak Korean, or even people who just enjoy listening to the language.

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