Written by Adam Blau
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Mastertones, truetones, and hifi ringtones are all essentially different labels for the same thing. They refer to the conversion of an original sound recording into a ringtone format for use on a cellular phone. In the jargon-filled world of technophiles, it can be confusing to decipher what different terms mean with regard to cellular phones.

Mastertones and the like take existing sound data (songs, speech, sound effects) and import them onto your cell phone to use as a ringer or alert sound. In many cases, there is a licensing fee for downloading songs to your device and using them. This fee serves to give royalties back to the artist who created the original song, in much the same way that royalties are doled out for radio and television playback.

Mastertones and Alert Sounds

Mastertones are usable for more than just incoming calls. Sure, it's great to hear your favorite song when your phone rings. But how about setting up a particular sound effect every time you get a voice mail or text message?

You can be creative with your use of mastertones. Perhaps you'd like to hear an animal or another sound effect when you get a text message. With mastertones and other high-fidelity ringtones, your alert sounds can be as unique as ever.

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