Mobile Phone Ringtones

Written by Adam Blau
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Mobile phone ringtones have progressed quite a bit from the primitive blips and bleeps of yesteryear. Remember a few years ago when you only heard a tinny version of "Fur Elise" or a distorted electronic blip? Today, mobile phone ringtones take the form of popular songs and actual audio clips. Say goodbye to the blips!

Personalizing Your Mobile Phone Ringtones

Imagine having your significant other call your phone and having it play "your" song. Now imagine that your phone plays a funeral march when you get a call from someone with whom you don't want to speak. While this technology has been around for quite a while, now you can hear the actual songs as recorded by the original artists.

With the development of MP3 and other audio technology, mobile phone ringtones can incorporate sound clips. In the not-so-olden days, your phone contained a small sound synthesizer that would play the notes of a song in an often-unrealistic fashion. Today, you can hear the actual artists playing the song out of your phone.

Most modern phones will allow you to designate a special ring for a particular person. With the amount of memory packed into phones increasing at a remarkable rate, you can store more personal rings than ever before. You can even record your friends' voices announcing that they're calling!

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