Motorola Ringtones

Written by Adam Blau
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If you plan to download ringtones to your Motorola cellular phone, be sure that you download specific Motorola ringtones. Different brands of cell phones frequently use a different type of ringtone. Motorola ringtones, for example, might not necessarily be compatible with Nokia ringtones.

Distinguishing Motorola Ringtones

There are a number of ways you can assure yourself that the ringtones you plan to use with your cell phone are compatible and will function properly on your phone. The first and most obvious way is to download ringtones directly from Motorola or through your service provider. The websites of these companies should clearly indicate which rings are designated Motorola ringtones.

Other than that, there is plenty of information available on the Internet to help you figure out where to get Motorola or Motorola-compatible ringtones. Various third party companies have taken it upon themselves to provide content for Motorola telephones. If you search their websites (or often the FAQ on their sites), you can find out whether or not the ringtones are supported on your Motorola phone.

One other option is to invest in a ringtone converter. This is a piece of software that will translate ringtones and audio files of various types into Motorola ringtones (as well as others). Ringtone converters can be a great way to create your own ringtones for use on your Motorola phone.

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