Movie Theme Ringtones

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Movie theme ringtones are great for personalizing cell phones. Anyone who has ever had a generic telephone ring knows how annoying it can be when a phone belonging to someone else has the same exact ring as yours. You end up digging into your pocket or purse, only to discover that it's not your phone that's ringing.

By customizing a phone's ring, you not only avoid this confusion but also make answering the phone more fun. Movie theme ringtones are a great way to customize a phone to reflect your personality. Moreover, songs from movie soundtracks remind people of the way they felt when they first watched the movie.

Selecting Movie Theme Ringtones

One thing to consider about movie theme ringtones is what type of mood you want to be in when someone calls. Everyone has a favorite flick that they consider to be uplifting. A song associated with that movie can serve the same purpose.

Any movie song that makes you smile, for whatever reason, will make a good ringtone. Some people love movies in which the main character overcomes considerable odds to win. Others prefer over-the-top romantic movies. The selection of ringtones has grown to the point where anyone can find something they enjoy.

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