Mp3 Ringtones

Written by Adam Blau
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With MP3s becoming the music format of choice for many of today's tech-savvy music listeners, cell phones are beginning to accommodate MP3 ringtones for incoming calls. With MP3 players like the iPod slowly gaining prominence over other music media, it was only a matter of time before cell phones jumped on the MP3 bandwagon. By incorporating MP3 technology into cell phones, the opportunity to use MP3 ringtones ripped from original CDs is finally possible.

MP3 Ringtones and the New Breed of Cell Phones

The hybridization of electronic devices has led to an exciting new series of multi-use equipment. Cell phones are no longer just cell phones--they're also personal organizers, cameras, and even MP3 players of a sort. Wireless technology allows you to download files to your cell phone, allowing you to access Java applications, games, photos, and MP3 files for use as ringtones.

For a few years, ringtones of familiar songs by popular artists have been available for cell phones. These ringtones, though, were more often than not MIDI files (a particular type of file protocol for recording and playing back music on an electronic device). The melodies were familiar, but they sounded entirely electronic.

MP3 ringtones, on the other hand, incorporate actual MP3 sound files into the workings of your cell phone. Instead of having your phone recreate a song in electronic beeps, now your phone literally plays the MP3 aloud when your phone rings. A recording of the original artist sings or speaks whenever you get a call.

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