Music Ringtones

Written by Gregg Ruais
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People who want more tuneful sounds playing on their cellular phones have a wide selection of music ringtones from which to choose. Songs from hundreds of artists and various genres are downloadable from the Internet. Each download costs a small fee, but obtaining a user name and password to begin shopping is free.

Many current pop hits, in addition to hundreds of classics, have already been translated into music ringtones. The hottest artists' songs can become your telephone jingle with just the point and click of a mouse. Musical rings sound cool, attract attention, and help people project their desired self-images.

Popular types of music ringtones include spiritual songs, soundtrack hits, rap songs, and classic rock tunes. Some people choose their favorite songs of all time as permanant rings, while others find it more fun to continuously change. Regardless of how much you love a song, it's always a good idea to preview the way it sounds as a ringtone before buying it. Not all tunes sound exactly as they do on the radio.

Ideal Music Ringtones

Some tunes are easily identified within seconds of the opening guitar riff or bass beat. These songs make the best ringtones. Because you eventually want to answer your phone, and since voice mail picks up within five rings, songs that start slowly are not always ideal for cell phones.

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