Music Ringtones

Written by Adam Blau
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Cell phone rings have begun to diverge away from the tired, conventional alerts of yesteryear and are beginning to incorporate music ringtones into their repertoire of sonorities. These days, instead of being jolted to attention by the cold, harsh sounds of a buzzer, you can groove to the smooth sounds of your favorite artist when receiving an incoming call. Answering your telephone never felt so good.

Never Mind the Buzzers--Here Come the Music Ringtones!

Music ringtones are becoming an art form unto themselves. Some music charting companies have begun to rank music ringtones the same way they do traditional Top 40 style music. A popular ringtone can honestly be the key to a new band's success. It almost seems as if a new band can garner success by writing a song geared especially for a ringtone!

Music ringtones also allow users to express themselves in a way they never could before. If a cell phone rings and plays "London Calling" by the Clash, you know a little more about that person. If the phone plays "My Heart Will Go On" as recorded by Celine Dion, you know something else. If it plays the traditional 13-note Nokia ringtone, though, all you know about the user is that he or she isn't as tech-savvy as you are.

Music ringtones are spreading like wildfire. It's possible to hear your favorite songs playing all around you, and even to designate particular songs for particular callers. You might even start calling yourself to hear your favorite songs play out of your phone!

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