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New Rap Ringtone

Written by Jill Morrison
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A new rap ringtone will make the sound of your cell phone much more exciting. Rap style ringtones are currently the most popular of all ringtone downloads. They are a great replacement for the standard, boring ringtones that come with your phone.

Choosing a New Rap Ringtone

There are many new rap ringtones to choose from. Nearly every popular song is available to download. Some websites offer songs from entire rap albums as well.

You can purchase an older rap song, or a contemporary hit as your ringtone. 50 Cent is the most heavily downloaded artist at the moment. Some other popular artists to download include Eminem, Ludacris, Three Six Mafia, Beyoncé, and Sean Paul.

You can download a new rap ringtone directly from your phone if it has internet access. If your phone does not have internet access, you have the option of using a computer to download to your phone. Most websites will give detailed instructions on this process.

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