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New Ringtones

Written by Jill Morrison
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New ringtones will help you to update the sound of your cell phone. Standard ringtones can be boring and impersonal. You can customize your ringtone to make your cell phone experience more enjoyable.

There are various options in new ringtones for cell phones. You can use a music clip, a sound effect, or a voice clip as your ringtone. Music clip ringtones are the most popular choice, with rap and pop topping the list as the most frequently downloaded styles of music.

The selection of music ringtones is very extensive. You can find a song in nearly every musical style for your ringtone. Styles include rap, pop, rock, country, classical, seasonal, patriotic, sports themes, TV and movie themes, religious, punk rock, heavy metal, oldies, and Anime ringtones.

Finding New Ringtones for Your Cell Phone

You can find new ringtones on various websites. Some websites offer free downloads. However, you will likely find a better selection of songs and package options on sites that charge for downloads.

There are two ways to download new ringtones. You can download directly from your cell phone if it has access to the Internet. You can also use a computer with internet access to download to your phone.

Before purchasing a ringtone download, make sure that your model of cellular phone is compatible with the download format. Most websites will list the compatible models with their song selection. The website for your phone company may also have helpful information on downloading ringtones.

There are two options in musical style of ringtones. Monotones are less expensive and use one simple melody line. Polyphonic ringtones have a more complex and realistic sound and use multiple instrumental parts.

New ringtones can be applied to nearly every model of cell phone. Certain models will only accept a particular download format and have a specific list of songs to choose from. Make sure that you investigate your options before purchasing new ringtones.

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