Nokia Polyphonic Ringtones

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Nokia phone owners can now download Nokia polyphonic ringtones, which are currently the most clear-sounding and complex telephone rings on the market. When special ringtones were first invented for cellular phones, the only kind available was monophonic. A monophonic sound means that only one string of notes will play at any given time. In most cases, the melody of a song plays.

The advancement to Nokia polyphonic ringtones marks the creation of real music for cell phone rings, real music being defined as having a melody, harmony, bass, and rhythm. While the actual songs you would hear if you bought a CD do not play when the phone rings, the essence of those songs remains in polyphonic ringtones.

Oftentimes, the vocals from original songs are replaced by electronic notes. To listeners, the difference in switching from monophonic to polyphonic is that not only do catchy melodies from their favorite songs play but so do the beats that make people want to dance.

Nokia Polyphonic Ringtones for the Future

While traditional telephone rings are still the most popular means of getting people to pick up their phones, Nokia polyphonic ringtones are a glimpse into the future. Ringtones are an up-and-coming product, but they might one day replace regular phone rings. After all, telephone rings had originally been designed so that people could hear a ringing phone from across an entire house. Since most people today keep their cellular phones nearby, it makes sense to download more pleasant rings.

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