Nokia Ringtones

Written by Adam Blau
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If you are a cellular customer who uses a Nokia phone, there are plenty of different Nokia ringtones that you can use. Most Nokia phones allow you to choose different ringtones for specific callers; hearing the specific ringtone will alert you to the fact that it is a particular person who is calling. In addition to the preset Nokia ringtones that come with your phone, there are other methods by which you can input ringtones onto your Nokia phone.

Where to Find Nokia Ringtones

Nokia includes a series of preset ringtones on the phones they distribute. These range in style from traditional telephone rings to ringtones that sound like classical or even dance music. Perhaps one of these Nokia ringtones will suit your phoning needs.

The prepackaged ringtones on Nokia cell phones are, to say the least, fairly limited. Nokia knows this, in fact, as it makes available plenty of additional downloadable ringtones on its website. Some of these are free to download, but many of them may involve an additional charge or licensing fee.

There are plenty of third party content providers that create Nokia and Nokia-compatible ringtones. It is quite likely that you can find songs by your favorite artists that can be used as Nokia ringtones. There is also software available that will convert songs of your choosing into ringtones that function on your Nokia phone.

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