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Oldies Ringtones

Written by Jill Morrison
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Oldies ringtones are desirable for anyone who listens to and appreciates Oldies music. You can choose from any of the classic, well-known songs. Sometimes you can find songs from an entire album as well.

Locating Oldies Ringtones

Oldies ringtones can be downloaded from various websites. Some websites offer free ringtones to download. However, you will find the best selection on sites that charge for downloads.

There are two types of musical formats in ringtones. You can choose a polyphonic ringtone, with many musical parts, for a slightly higher price. Monotones only have one simple melody line.

Oldies ringtones are pleasing to many cell phone users. They are much more enjoyable to listen to than the standard ringtones. Some of the popular choices in artists to download include the Beatles, the Temptations, John Denver, and the Jackson 5.

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