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Rap Ringtones

Written by Jill Morrison
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Rap ringtones can be downloaded to update the sound of any cellular phone. If your phone has internet capabilities, the process is very easy. If not, the website for your cell phone company will explain your options.

Finding Rap Ringtones

You can find rap ringtones on various websites. Make sure that the ringtone you choose will work with your brand of phone. Websites that sell ringtones will typically put ringtones into categories so you can find downloads that will work best for your phone.

There are two types of musical formats for ringtones. Monotones use one melodic line. Polyphonic ringtones use various musical parts and are more complex.

After choosing a ringtone format, you can then decide on a song to use. You can browse through the selection of rap ringtones from different websites. Better yet, if you have a favorite song or artist, you can search for and locate the song to use as a ringtone on your cellular phone.

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