Rap Ringtones

Written by Adam Blau
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Those people who want to get the latest rap and hip-hop songs into their cell phones can download rap ringtones from the Internet or their wireless service provider. The introduction of audio and MP3 clips into cell phones has made it possible to get actual snippets of your favorite rap artists to use on your phone. Instead of a plain electronic-sounding melody or shrill beep, now you can have your favorite song start playing when you receive an incoming call.

Where to Find Rap Ringtones

Many service providers are beginning to offer download access to songs by popular artists. Wireless users can pay a nominal fee to download rap ringtones directly to their cell phones (or to their phones via a computer). This licensing fee often lasts a couple of months, and you are permitted to use the ringtone on your phone for a limited amount of time.

Some of the bigger content providers have actually recorded the artists recording special rap ringtones especially for use on cell phones. Imagine having your favorite rap artist start rhyming about the fact that your phone is ringing, rapping something that you can't find on any other recording. To the rap fan, these unique rap ringtones can satisfy a craving for new recordings by popular artists.

It is also possible these days to create your own rap ringtones. There are software companies that manufacture ringtone converters which will translate an MP3 or WAV file into a ringtone that may be playable on your cell phone. You can take your favorite rap recordings, convert them into ringtones, and upload them onto your cell phone.

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