Real Music Ringtones

Written by Adam Blau
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If you would like your cellular phone to play a favorite song of yours, why not look into downloading or creating some real music ringtones? A number of ringtone services have sprung up in recent years, thanks to burgeoning cell phone technology that can accommodate unique and exciting rings. These services allow you to download real music ringtones so you can sing along whenever your phone rings.

Where to Find Real Music Ringtones

Many cell phone service providers are beginning to grant access to downloadable real music ringtones on their own websites. If you go to the homepages of most major service providers, you will see a link to a series of downloadable ringtones. The latest of these tones are actual audio clips of your favorite bands and celebrities.

Many content providers sell these ringtones for a few dollars apiece (though some offer promotions in which you can download a certain number of songs for free). In some cases, though, it's worth the investment; some celebrities and artists are recording personalized audio clips expressly for use as ringtones. It can really be fun to hear your favorite band singing to you that you're getting an incoming call.

Another option for real music ringtones is to create your own. Software developers have created applications that translate audio files into a format that is usable on many cellular phones. With these programs, you can take your own MP3s and CDs and upload sound clips to your cell phone, all by yourself.

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