Written by Adam Blau
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If you haven't purchased a cell phone in a few years, you may be overwhelmed and confused by terms such as realtones, mastertones, and downloadable ringtones. Cell phone technology has advanced a substantial amount in a considerably short period of time. Whereas older phones simply had a set of ringers available onboard the phone, newer cell phones have incorporated a variety of downloadable ringtones that can enhance a user's phoning experience.

What Are Realtones?

Realtones are short sound clips that can be used as ringer and alert sounds on your cellular phone. They can sound like just about anything you are able to record (or get a recording of, for that matter). These recordings are put into MP3 or WAV format and are subsequently transferred onto a cell phone in a format they can understand and manipulate.

Whether you're looking for a particular song, person, or sound effect for your ringtone, chances are that you can find a suitable tone for your phone. Realtones are downloadable off of several websites, including phone service providers and individual content providers. Many of these services require a nominal licensing fee for use of the original sound recordings used in realtones.

If you are unable to find the ringtone for which you are searching on the Internet, it is possible to create your own realtones. There are certain programs for the computer that take a sound clip, translate it, and transfer it to your cellular phone. If your phone is able to accommodate realtones, you can start singing along to your incoming calls in no time.

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