Ringtone Composers

Written by Adam Blau
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The term "ringtone composers" has a dual meaning in the world of cell phone ringtone creation. The term can either refer to the writer and creator of a given ringtone, or it can refer to the tool with which the creator composes a ringtone. In the jargon-filled world of cellular telephones, this can be an important distinction to make.

Ringtone Composers--The People

Believe it or not, there is a burgeoning new career for musicians thanks to cellular technology. As cell phones and ringtones proliferate and become more extravagant, consumers are looking for more exciting, innovative and humorous ways to receive telephone calls. This is where the ringtone composers step in.

Ringtone composers create content for cell phone service providers (or third party content providers). They will create a variety of ringtone types that are compatible with monophonic, polyphonic, or truetone phones. There is a subtle art to the composition of a ringtone, and the ringtone composer will be aware of all its facets. A ringtone must be attention-getting and audible over the din of a room, yet it shouldn't be grating or irritating.

Ringtone Composers--The Software

The tool that a composer uses to create a ringtone is also called a ringtone composer. Several manufacturers make software that enables music to be converted into a format that your phone understands. By inputting musical notes or sound files into this software, the music will be converted to a format with which your cell phone can operate.

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