Ringtone Converters

Written by Adam Blau
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Whether you've got an audio or MIDI file you'd like to make into a ringtone, or you've got a ringtone for another phone that won't function on your new phone, a ringtone converter can come to your rescue. Ringtones are no longer the simple, shrill, one-note rings that once they were. Today's ringtones are a slightly more complex, computerized affair.

Because sounds exist on electronic devices in a variety of formats, it is sometimes necessary to translate from one to another. An MP3 or WAV file might not, in its native format, play naturally on a cell phone. This is where ringtone converters come in.

What Do Ringtone Converters Do?

Ringtone converters are software programs for your computer. At their core is a program that will translate the many different types of music files that are used by computers, cell phones, and other devices. For example, if you have an MP3 that you would like to use as a ringtone for your cell phone, you would import the MP3 into the ringtone converter and export it (or save it) as a ringtone that works for your particular type of cell phone.

Different brands of cellular phones use different ringtone formats. For example, a ringtone that works on a Sanyo phone might not work on a Samsung phone. Good ringtone converters may translate between these types of ringtone formats, as well.

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