Ringtone Masters

Written by Adam Blau
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The term "ringtone masters" is another term that is synonymous with the term truetones, realtones, and mastertones. Each of these phrases refers to the capturing of an original audio or sound clip for use on a cellular phone. Despite the different terminology, there is virtually no difference between these formats.

Ringtone Masters: What's in a Name?

Why so many different names for the same thing? There are several reasons for this, and most of them are derived from simple marketing. Using audio and MP3 clips on cellular phones is sure to be a widespread technology, so it is understandable that all the big cellular companies want to corner the market on coining the phrase.

Names like "mastertones" and "realtones" are terms used by music and cell companies (in this case, Sony and V2, respectively) that have a high likelihood of being trademarked by the company. This way, when you refer to a mastertone, Sony will make sure you know you are talking about their particular product. This is smart marketing at its finest.

"Ringtone masters," on the other hand, is a term used by Warner Music. When you examine the music company's point of view and compare the license for the ringtone with the license necessary to play a master recording on a radio or in a film, you can better understand the relationship between the terms. "Ringtone masters" drills the point home that you are licensing an actual master recording for use on your personal cell phone.

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