Rock Ringtones

Written by Gregg Ruais
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People who love rock music can download rock ringtones that replace ordinary telephone rings. Songs available for download include modern hits, tunes dating back to the origins of rock and roll, and everything in between. Rock ringtones let you hear the music you love whenever someone dials your number.

For example, Elvis lovers can announce to the world their devotion to The King by downloading any number of his greatest songs onto their cell phones. An Elvis ringtone tells everyone in the room that the person receiving the call is an Elvis enthusiast in the same way that wearing an Elvis tee shirt would. The major difference is that a tee shirt doesn't make you want to get up and shake your hips!

Because likes and dislikes inexplicably vary between people, there is no point in ever arguing over which music is the best, because there is no right or wrong, which is precisely what makes music so special. Your musical tastes are ingrained into your personality. Making your favorite rock song, be it written by the Stones or U2, a ringtone is a form of self-expression that gives others a glimpse into that untranslatable part of your soul that dictates musical taste.

Choosing Rock Ringtones

The songs that sound the best on the radio do not always make the greatest rock ringtones. Ringtones substitute computerized sounds for real instruments and vocals. Moreover, ringtones can only play the first thirty seconds of a tune. The ideal rock ringtone is a song that has a strong and melodious opening stanza.

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