Sharp Ringtones

Written by Adam Blau
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Users of the Sharp GX10i, GX20 and GX22 and other Sharp brand cell phones can find on the Web many Sharp ringtones for their personal use. Sharp phones use a variety of ringtone formats, so be sure your phone will accommodate the types of ringtone you are trying to download. The GX10i, for example, uses monophonic and polyphonic ringtones, whereas the GX22 can use recorded and WAV ringtones.

Look Sharp with Customized Sharp Ringtones

Sharp installs several ringtones on each phone itself. The Sharp ringtone set that comes with each phone is fairly limited, though, as Sharp likely assumes that with the extreme customizability of their cell phones, customers will likely wish to download rings for their personal use. Most of the Sharp cell phones will accommodate over 20 separate ringtones and alert sounds, so there is plenty of opportunity to be creative with ringtone sounds.

Sharp ringtones vary in format from one phone to the next. If you are using the GX10i, keep an eye out specifically for polyphonic ringtones. These are ringtones that will recreate a song electronically on your phone using your phone's internal synthesizer.

The GX22, on the other hand has more ringtone capabilities. This model allows you to edit polyphonic Sharp ringtones right on the device itself. In addition to this remarkable capability, the GX22 will let you use actual prerecorded audio and WAV files as ringtones, making your supply of Sharp ringtones on this phone virtually limitless.

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