Sony Ringtones

Written by Adam Blau
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Users of Sony Ericsson P800 and P900 phones can benefit from the advanced multimedia capabilities of the phones by downloading special Sony ringtones. These Sony phones provide phenomenal audio and video capabilities that allow users to stream song and movie clips on their cell phones. These assets also enhance the ringtone features of the phones.

Sony Ringtones: A Multimedia Affair

The wireless internet and media features of the Sony Ericsson phones put the devices in a class by themselves. The phones take advantage of WAV, AU, MP3, MIDI and other audio formats, letting you use your cell phone as an entertainment console. The hybridization of electronic devices is alive in these all-in-one cell phones and PDAs.

Sony ringtones enhance the affair by taking advantage of the advanced media capabilities of the phones. In addition to using traditional monophonic and polyphonic rings, a user can download or create a ringtone using an audio clip from a song or sound effect of their choosing. Customization has never been as easy as it is with Sony ringtones.

Sony ringtones can be found on various cellular service provider websites, as well as through third-party developers. Members of this latter group provide dedicated ringtone and application content for use on Sony cell phones (and, likely, other cell phones as well). Because of the nature of the market, there are a tremendous amount of ringtones available that are compatible with Sony telephones.

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