Sound Effects Ringtones

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Sound effects ringtones make cellular phones stand out from the crowd, thereby becoming more recognizable to owners. In addition, people enjoy the novelty of telephone rings that fall outside the norm. Special effects include science fiction sounds, animal calls, cartoon noises, and much more.

Rather than the usual sound of a phone ringing, something we have grown accustomed to ever since Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone during the 19th Century, why not use a different audio signal instead? Why lock yourself into one sound? How about the sound of an object falling from the sky and crashing into the earth? What about a sci-fi laser fight? By choosing one of these sounds over the usual phone ring, people know for sure when their phone is ringing.

Various Sound Effects Ringtones

Thousands of sound effects ringtones are available. Effects range from the mating calls of animals to church bells ringing. Whatever your personality, you are sure to find a sound effect that you like.

Sound effects ringtones can be comical as well. Options include funny sounds, people having ridiculous conversations, and other audio files designed just to confuse people. Cell phones have become an integral part of our lives. Why not personalize yours by adding special effects?

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