Sprint Ringtones

Written by Adam Blau
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Sprint PCS customers have access to a tremendous amount of Sprint ringtones through the company's Vision plan. Compatible phones are equipped with a browser that will allow the user access to Sprint's version of the Internet. It is through Vision that Sprint customers can send text messages, photographs, and yes, Sprint ringtones.

The majority of Vision-capable phones already come with a variety of onboard ringtones. The real heart of the system, though, comes from the phone's ability to download content from Sprint and other providers. Sprint offers a huge range of ringtones on their website, some for a nominal fee and others for free.

Sprint Ringtones and Pricing

Each PCS plan is different, but Sprint has some general rules that apply to most of their plans. For a monthly fee, it is possible to gain unlimited access to PCS Vision. In this case, you can browse and download Sprint ringtones to your heart's content (though you will likely have to pay an additional licensing fee to download popular songs--this is how the recording artists get paid).

If you're not on the monthly Vision plan, you can still download Sprint ringtones if your phone is Vision-compatible. Since you don't have unlimited access, though, you will have to pay for each kilobyte you download. For some monophonic ringtones, this fee is negligible. Once you start downloading real audio clips, though, that fee can increase substantially. Fortunately, Sprint often markets introductory offers that allow users to download some ringtones for free.

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