T-mobile Ringtones

Written by Adam Blau
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T-Mobile customers looking on the company's website for T-Mobile ringtones to use on their phone will find a variety of tone types. Like many other companies, T-Mobile offers polyphonic and monophonic ringtones for the majority of their phones. Watchful customers will also notice, though, that the company offers a series of T-Mobile ringtones known as MegaTones.

MegaTones are slices of actual audio recordings, much like you can find on a CD or MP3. These ringtones can be downloaded and licensed for use directly through T-Mobile. Once downloaded, you can configure your cellular device to play the MegaTone whenever you receive an incoming call or particular alert.

T-Mobile Ringtones and Their Counterparts

You may notice that MegaTones sound an awful lot like what other companies call "real music tones," "mastertones," or "realtones." In fact, these technologies are virtually identical. These types of T-Mobile ringtones are given a unique name so that you can distinguish them from the competitors' ringtones of the same ilk.

It should be noted that the T-Mobile website is, in fact, not the only place where a customer can find T-Mobile ringtones. These ringtones and MegaTones are also available through third-party companies who create content for cell phones. There are also computer programs available with which you can create your own ringtones.

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