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Top 40 Ringtones

Written by Jill Morrison
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Top 40 ringtones can be downloaded to customize the sound of your cell phone ringer. You can download the most popular songs on the radio for your ringtone. Top 40 pop and rap songs are the most popular style of music to download as ringtones, with TV and movie themes in a close second.

Finding Top 40 Ringtones

Top 40 ringtones can be found on various websites. Some sites will offer great choices in popular ringtones, free of charge. But, many will charge a small fee, so you can download the most current song selections. You can choose to download sound clips of actual pop songs, or recreations of popular songs.

There are two types of top 40 ringtones to download. Monophonic ringtones have one simple melody line. They get the point across, but typically are not that exciting to listen to. Most people are interested in polyphonic ringtones. Polyphonic ringtones have a more complex sound and may use various musical parts to recreate popular song selections.

When you download popular ringtones, you can choose to use a ringtone for incoming calls with caller ID or without caller ID. You can assign a different ringtone to each type of caller. You may also choose to assign various ringtones to different friends in your cell phone memory. Then you will know who is calling by the sound of the ring.

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