Unique Ringtones

Written by Adam Blau
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After erroneously reaching for your cell phone time and time again, you may be asking yourself, "Where can I find some unique ringtones?" For years, cell phone users have been stuck with the same subset of ring sounds. There was "Fur Elise," there was that Nokia ditty, which seemed to invade every hushed movie theater, and the good old-fashioned RING that sounded a bit like a car alarm.

Fortunately for the ever-changing tastes of the electronics consumer, content providers have begun developing more and more ringtones for use on cellular phones. Don't like "Fur Elise?" Download your favorite band's single or your school's fight song. Discovering and installing unique ringtones for your cell phone has never been easier.

Which Unique Ringtones Are Right for You?

There are some important factors to consider when choosing a ringtone to download. As mentioned earlier, it is especially helpful to choose some unique ringtones that others might not necessarily select for their own phones. This way, there's less of a chance that you'd get confused by thinking that your phone was ringing when it wasn't.

Another factor to consider is the audibleness of the ringtone. Your favorite slow song or the sound of whispering wind might be beautiful to listen to, but chances are that you will miss many calls if you can't hear the ringtone that easily. Remember that the original electronic ringtones that came with phones were created to grab your attention; you might be wise to use a similar logic.

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