Unlimited Ringtones

Written by Adam Blau
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With the expansion of cell phone technology and the proliferation of internet communities, there are virtually unlimited ringtones available for use on your mobile phone. Ringtones have become the format of choice for tech-savvy musicians and artists who want to get substantial airplay for their songs. What better way to achieve success than to have your song play every time a phone rings?

Though there are unlimited ringtones for you to download from service and content providers, it is important that you first know the type of ringtone that your phone uses. Can your phone use both monophonic and polyphonic ringtones? Do you have a modern phone that will accommodate truetones and actual audio clips? A quick glance at your service provider or phone manufacturer's website will provide you with the answers you need.

Where to Find These Unlimited Ringtones

Ringtones abound on the Internet. Most cell phone service providers offer access to a limited amount of ringtones for downloading. An even better bet is to perform a quick search and unearth the myriad companies who compose and convert ringtones for downloading. You can often find slightly more obscure or up-to-date ringtones on these third party sites.

For true access to unlimited ringtones, you can start creating your own! Several companies offer software for creating and converting files into ringtones. Once you start recording your own ringtones, you can truly say that there is an unlimited amount.

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