Voice Ringers

Written by Adam Blau
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The incorporation of audio files into cell phones has allowed for the introduction of voice ringers. These are ringtones that aren't the traditional music or beep-style ringtone. Instead, an incoming call is signaled by the sound of an actual voice announcing a telephone call.

Voice ringers have distinct advantages and disadvantages over traditional ringtones, and most of them are a matter or personal taste. Since most people use musical or electronic ringtones, you will likely be able to tell that a specific ring is coming from your phone. Some voice ringers can even be customized so that they say your name; imagine hearing the phrase, "Rebecca, you are receiving an incoming call." There's no mistaking that one!

For some people, voice ringers are not as audible as traditional ringtones. Many people are so accustomed to the sound of a phone ringing that implementing a different sound to signal an incoming call might hamper immediate recognition of the call. If you are in a crowded place, you might just subconsciously register the sound as another voice in the crowd, rather than an indication that your phone is ringing.

Where to Find Voice Ringers

Voice ringers are becoming increasingly widespread among cell phone users. Some generic voice ringtones are prepackaged on certain brands of cell phone. The vast majority can be downloaded from either your cell phone manufacturer, your service provider, or through third party content providers. It is also possible, using certain software, to create your own ringtones.

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