Voice Tones

Written by Adam Blau
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What better way is there to personalize your cell phone ringer than to use voice tones to signal incoming calls? These ringtones come in a variety of styles, and each one of them is unique in its own way. Whether your voice ringtone is of a celebrity saying his or her tagline or of your loved one whispering sweet nothings, voice tones are a phenomenal way to personalize your cell phone experience.

Different Types of Voice Tones

Several cellular service providers have used their clout to hire celebrities to say specific phrases for ringtones. To promote their movies, for example, Disney teamed up with some content providers to create a series of voice tones as read by their characters. Imagine Donald Duck telling you that you have an incoming call!

You can also find a series of ringtones personalized by name. If you do a bit of searching on some third-party content provider websites, you can likely find a ringtone with your name in it. "Daniel, you have an incoming call." You'll never get your calls mixed up with someone else's again.

Finally, it is possible to create your own voice tones. Some phone models will let you do this directly on the phone itself. In other cases, you can record your voice through a microphone in your computer then use ringtone conversion software to translate and transmit the sound file to your phone. The possibilities for voice tones are quite literally limitless.

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