Cable Tv

Written by Laurie Nichol
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Why have so many people switched from cable TV to satellite tv in recent years? Although they are comparable in many ways, satellite service like Direct TV far outstrip traditional cable in some important differences. Cable TV did open up a whole new world of entertainment, but now the new dish systems offer a universe of options, clarity, and convenience.

Comparing Cable to Satellite TV

First off, let's compare the quality of the picture itself. While cable companies now offer many channels at digital quality, a lot of them remain at the analog level, with a much poorer resolution. When you have satellite television, all of your channels are at 100% digital quality, all the time.

And, if you're into high resolution television, then you'll definitely be wowed by HDTV, or "high-definition TV". Many premium channels like HBO and Showtime now offer HDTV, which can only be transmitted by digital satellite technology. If you haven't watched shows in this format, you'll want to give it a try - you'll probably never want to go back!

But what about the bottom line? Will satellite TV cost more than cable? The answer, a resounding "no!", is the reason why so many people have switched from cable TV to satellite services like the Direct TV system. You will still enjoy the large amount of channels and diversity of programming, but you'll get to avoid the numerous taxes and fees that make the monthly cable bill such a burden.

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