Written by Laurie Nichol
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DBS is an acronym that stands for Direct Broadcast Satellite. This simply refers to the phenomenon of satellite systems that are used to transmit television broadcasts to peoples' homes. If you're thinking about signing on with a digital television company, then you'll probably come across this acronym often.

About DBS Satellites

There are many different types of satellite above the earth. Dish systems that bring television to millions of viewers always use geostationary satellites, which remain in one place in the atmosphere. For this reason, they are always able to transmit clear, undistorted signals down to our homes, without interruption.

The signals that a DBS satellite put out are actually quite similar to those used in microwave ovens. These digital transmissions provide far better quality sound and picture clarity for the viewers. The old style of transmission, used in cable television, was "analog," which couldn't possibly handle high definition television.

If you're looking for the best satellite setup for your family, then you have a couple different options. The two major providers of this type of satellite service are DirecTV and The Dish Network. Comparing the two usually reveals that The Dish Network is superior overall, in terms of cost savings, viewing quality, programmability and accessibility, and customer service.

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