Digital Television

Written by Laurie Nichol
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Digital television systems like The Dish Network and DirecTV have been leaving cable in the dust in numerous ways. The Dish Network, in particular, has been offering ever better perks and extras that have changed the way we watch TV. One of the most exciting new developments is HDTV, or high definition television.

Digital Television and HDTV

Satellite TV, since it broadcasts the signal from space without any interference, is well known to have far better picture and sound quality. A further innovation regards HDTV, which effectively digitizes your screen picture, just like the quality you'd see in a movie theatre or from a DVD player. When you sign up for a digital television dish network, you can choose to receive all-digital broadcasts in high definition quality.

It's true that cable TV networks are now also starting to offer HDTV. However, cable TV is lagging far behind by only offering HDTV on certain channels at certain times-a far smaller offering. Running great high definition quality consistently just can't be achieved on cable's analog systems.

If you really want to access the best of what HDTV has to offer, then we strongly recommend that you go with one of the best satellite systems, like The Dish Network. With better quality picture and sound, more programming options, additional perks like Internet access, and a cheaper price tag, it's no wonder everyone's switching from cable. To learn more about the digital television phenomenon, read on in our site-we detail all the information you'll need.

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