Direct Tv

Written by Laurie Nichol
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When people think of digital satellite television, they often think of Direct TV. In fact, this name has become something of a catch-all for dish TV in general. The correct name for the specific company is actually DirecTV--one of the most popular dish systems available.

The Direct TV Phenomenon

There is another company that is DirecTV's main competitor--The Dish Network. Both of these companies offer systems that bring Direct TV into homes across the country, at far greater resolution, variety, programmability, and cost savings than cable television. Another reason why satellite television has become so much more popular is the number of fantastic options available to people, in terms of equipment sales and package deals.

There are many different providers of satellite equipment and accessories. If you can find a good deal, and they abound, then you stand to save even more money on quality home entertainment than you think. In fact, finding a great supplier is as easy as doing a little online research.

It doesn't matter too much where in the country you live--you can have dishes, receivers, and remotes shipped to you, often free of charge, absolutely anywhere. With this kind of simplicity in buying as well as viewing, it's no wonder why satellite far outstrips cable. And, if you do a little more in-depth research, you may find that for reasons of customer support and viewing customizability, Dish Network is superior to DirecTV.

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