Direct Tv Channels

Written by Gregg Ruais
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People choose the Direct TV channels they want based on their entertainment budgets and how often they will watch the premium channels, which are part of the more expensive packages. Some people consider HBO to be worth the extra money because they enjoy shows like "Six Feet Under" and "Taxi Cab Confessions." At approximately $10 per month, someone who watches just one weekly show only pays $2.50 per episode, and that's just for one program. Most people end up watching HBO much more often than that.

Someone who watches late night Cinemax every evening is really only paying about 33 cents per day, whereas renting flicks or ordering pay-per-view movies will cost 20 times that amount. People can decide whether or not the extra channels are worth the money by browsing through the TV Guide a few times each week. People who aren't impressed with the programming on the premium channels might be better off saving their funds.

Niche Channels with the Premium Package

Many customers end up watching the lesser-known stations more often than the established channels. Newcomers like Starz and Encore play hit movies all the time. There are several Starz and Encore stations, all of which play different movies simultaneously, giving people many options at all times. All movie channels that play uninterrupted flicks cost additional money.

People who purchase the premium Direct TV package have access to many specialty channels as well. One station focuses solely on love stories. Another channel specializes in true stories, although it does air fictional films now and then. With the most extensive package, almost everyone can find something they will enjoy on any given night.

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