Direct Tv Deals

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Companies that sell Direct TV usually offer people incentives to buy from them. After all, for most people, signing up for Direct TV requires quitting another service. Changing over to satellite requires canceling cable, setting up a disconnect appointment, signing up for Direct TV, and possibly enduring through some time without television. Sometimes a few special deals are exactly what people need to jumpstart them on the process.

An offer many people take advantage of is free HBO, the most popular movie channel in the United States. By signing up for Direct TV through the right vendor, people receive seven HBO channels entirely free for three months. First, there's basic HBO. On the original HBO channel, people have access to the latest movie releases. HBO shows newly released flicks well before any other cable channel. Moreover, popular comedy specials and exclusive sports air on HBO. HBO is famous for its original shows, such as "Curb Your Enthusiasm," "Sex in the City," and "Six Feet Under." The main HBO channel airs these shows first.

Additional HBO Channels and Cinemax

Also free is the Latino HBO channel, which airs all the HBO programs in Spanish. The HBO Family Channel plays cartoons for a good portion of the day. This is a great channel for parents who need to something to occupy their kids while they get ready for work in the morning. The Family Channel also plays movies, all of which are appropriate for kids. People also receive HBO2 and HBO Signature with their complimentary HBO packages.

Along with all these HBO channels, people who sign up for Direct TV also receive three Cinemax Channels for three months. Cinemax is known for its daytime feature film presentations and racy programming at night. After watching these movie channels for three months, people have the option of subscribing. Most people opt to keep these movie channels, despite having to pay the monthly charges.

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