Direct Tv Dish

Written by Gregg Ruais
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There are several types of Direct TV dishes. The standard dish, or the single-LNB model, is ideal for people who only need to watch one program at a time. The standard dish connects to a single receiver, and the television signal can be sent to multiple rooms within a house. However, with a standard single-receiver setup, people in the various rooms must all watch the same program, unless one person watches satellite television and the others view channels picked up by an antennae.

Moreover, standard dishes do not always pick up all Direct TV signals. They only receive information from Direct TV's primary satellites, which do not cover all international programming or HDTV channels. This basic dish is called the single-LNB because it cannot receive information from more than one satellite at a time. Some local channels are unavailable to people using the standard dish.

Benefits of Elliptical Dishes

An elliptical dish called the dual-LNB model also receives information from only the primary Direct TV satellites. The dual-LNB, however, is superior to the single-LNB in that it can send information from multiple channels to different receivers. This allows people in their bedrooms to watch different Direct TV programming than their family members in other rooms.

Multi-location dishes, what people receive when they order Direct TV Plus, have the ability to pick up signals from several satellites sources. In fact, this type of dish actually faces many positions in the sky at one time. Direct TV Plus gives home viewers great flexibility in what they choose to watch.

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