Direct Tv Dvr

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Direct TV DVR (Digital Video Recording) records programs at the highest possible levels of quality. Using a DVR system, or TiVo, people can view programs that have already aired; the picture looks exactly as it would if the viewer had seen the show when it originally came on television. When people record using their VCRs, taped shows and events appear darker and have lesser resolutions. When viewing tapes, people can tell they are watching recordings.

With Direct TV DVR, viewers can actually pause broadcasts for bathroom breaks or any other interludes that force them to leave their televisions. When people return to their TVs, they press play, and their shows resume. Say, for example, a father at home is watching Seinfeld, and he receives a call from his son, who needs a ride home from his friend's house. Depending on what type of father he is, he would either have to leave the television and miss 15 minutes of the show or let his son wait. With TiVo, however, he can simply press pause, get his son, and then resume watching the sitcom. If Seinfeld usually ends at 8:00 PM, it would actually end at 8:15 PM if the father pauses it for fifteen minutes.

Advanced DVR Options

Moreover, people who have TiVo can rewind, slow, and replay live television. During commercials, people can view their own instant replays. This option is especially helpful for sports fans who want to see fantastic plays over and over again. Moreover, viewers can replay scenes from movies or shows they missed on account of receiving telephone calls. TiVo also gives people the ability to zoom in on certain portions of their televisions and view clips from various angles.

Direct TV customers who opt for DVR have an advanced programming schedule that provides listings for the following 14 days. Without DVR equipment, people can only see what will be on TV during the proceeding 24 hours. Hence, people who take extended vacations can use TiVo to record television programs airing up to two weeks from when they actually left. TiVo can even be programmed to record movies, shows, and events based on people's preferences. For example, a Robert DeNiro fan can tell his recording system to capture any movies featuring DeNiro.

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