Direct Tv Guide

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Understanding how to navigate through the Direct TV Guide is essential to enjoying satellite television. At first, many people feel intimidated by the fact that Direct TV channels reach into the thousands. Channel surfing used to be easy. Remember when the television automatically skipped back to channel two when it was at channel 36 and you pressed the "+" button? After 36, there was no place else to go.

Direct TV customers who try to find entertaining programs simply by pressing the "+" and "-" buttons will drive themselves crazy, because the majority of the stations will either be blank or something people do not want to watch. Viewers who want to watch movies in English will end up on pure music stations, foreign language channels, or political shows when all they want is a movie in English. Flipping through 1,000 channels with no idea where anything is located is no way to spend an afternoon.

The Direct TV guide enables people at home to search for programs alphabetically, by theme, or even by jumping around from station to station without interrupting the shows they are currently watching. When someone hits the guide button, the channel he's been viewing remains on the screen, shrunken in the upper right hand corner of the television while the guide shows what is playing on other stations. For example, someone who's watching reruns of "Beverly Hills 90210" on one of the FOX channels can turn on the guide and search for football games without discontinuing the show. Moreover, by specifying football as the desired theme, he only sees shows and events that match that description. If no football is currently playing, the guide will not show anything, and the man's wife will be happy.

Mr. Henderson and the Direct TV Guide

The Direct TV Guide actually serves several functions. For example, it's six o'clock at the Henderson household, and Mr. Henderson wants to see if there are any good movies he and his wife can watch when she returns home at eight. The guide shows him that Rambo, Braveheart, and Pretty Woman begin at that time. He wants to watch Rambo. However, being a good husband, he decides he and his wife should watch Braveheart together, because that movie features both the violence he craves and the love story his wife will enjoy.

Using the on-screen TV Guide, he tells the Direct TV system to remind him when Braveheart begins and on which channel. Having 1,000 stations, he cannot always remember exactly when and where the movies are playing. The timer eliminates the need to remember these things. Still using the guide, Mr. Henderson tells his DVR system to record Pretty Woman and Rambo. Now he and his wife can enjoy a movie together and view the other flicks in their spare time.

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