Direct Tv Internet

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Direct TV offers their customers DSL internet service, which is much faster and more convenient than dial-up. The disadvantages of dial-up internet include telephone charges, tying up phone lines, and slow downloads. With a DSL connection, downloads that would take several minutes through telephone internet services take only a few seconds. People who switch to DSL are amazed at how fast web pages come up. With the click of a button, a web surfer goes from one page to the next in no time at all.

DSL Offers Several Advantages

Moreover, DSL connections make it possible to play games on the Web. There are numerous PC games, available as either CD ROMs or downloads, that people can play against others on the Internet. EA Sports games make excellent examples of the games people play online. Someone at home who has nobody to play with can log on and compete against people who live 1000s of miles away. Phone connections are neither fast enough nor reliable enough to enable sophisticated game play.

As someone who uses the Internet for work, I consider DSL service to be invaluable. Many people utilize the Web for research, and numerous companies make it possible for people to work from home through their Websites. Waiting just a few extra seconds for pages to load hinders productivity and can be very frustrating. A fast connection makes jumping back and forth between pages as efficient as turning pages in a book.

People who subscribe to DSL services can view the most advanced multimedia files. Streaming videos become as fluid and clear as DVDs. With a phone connection, people find it difficult to listen to internet radio, whereas DSL customers receive uninterrupted service.

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