Direct Tv Packages

Written by Gregg Ruais
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There are three predominant Direct TV packages from which people choose: Total Choice, Total Choice Plus, and Total Choice Premier. People who opt for Total Choice and Total Choice Plus do not get all the channels, but they can pay extra for pay channels like HBO and Showtime without paying the entire fee for the Total Choice Premier package, which gives people the most value for their dollar. However, some people don't watch as much television as others, and for them the extra channels might not be worth the cost.

With Total Choice, home television viewers can browse through 110 channels including over 30 commercial free, non-stop music stations. People who subscribe to this basic Direct TV package receive several movie channels as well. Turner Movie Classics, the Independent Film Channel, American Movie Classics, and several other channels play movies 24/7. The kids can enjoy the Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, and several education stations. Moreover, there are four ESPN channels.

Plus and Premier Packages

Customers who upgrade to Total Choice Plus for only a few more dollars receive an additional 15 channels. Plus subscribers enjoy all the programming offered on the Total Choice package, plus five extra music stations, additional Discovery Channel programming, and a handful of other educational stations like the History Channel. This is the complete channel lineup, minus the premium movie and sports channels.

The Total Choice Premier package brings over 180 channels into people's homes. The station lineup includes over 30 premium commercial-free movie channels. This includes all the Showtimes, HBOs, Cinemaxes, and several others. Total Choice Premier subscribers also receive special sports channels such as NBATV.

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