Direct Tv Programming

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Many business analysts who assess the entertainment sector have predicted the downfall of rental companies like Blockbuster and Hollywood Video due to some of the more advanced Direct TV programming options. The major threat to retail rental stores is Video on Demand, which is more convenient and extensive than pay-per view ever was. Viewers at home don't even have to pick up their phones to order flicks anymore.

Advantages of Video on Demand

Under the old pay-per-view system, people had a small selection of movies from which to choose. All movies had set start times. If, at 8:10 PM, someone decided he wanted to see a certain movie, there's a good chance it had already started, and that person would likely head out to a video rental store. With Video on Demand, people can use their remote controls to buy movies for just a few dollars and then watch them at any time within 24 hours of ordering.

Moreover, people have the option of viewing those films several times. Using their Direct TV remote controls, viewers can stop, pause, fast forward, and rewind movies as if they were watching DVDs. The selection of available films is tremendous. Never again do people have to worry about video stores running out of the movies they want to see.

The most popular video rental nights have always been rainy Friday and Saturday evenings, when people just want to stay inside where it's warm and dry and watch a movie. The worst part of those nights is actually traveling to the video stores. With Direct TV, people have access to the newest releases and can spend their entire nights indoors if they want to.

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