Direct Tv Receiver

Written by Matthew Chin
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A Direct TV receiver is one-third of the equipment that you'll need to get started with this digital satellite TV provider. If you've never had satellite TV before, all this new equipment might seem intimidating, but it's really quite simple. Besides your receiver (or receivers), you'll have a small dish and a remote control, much like the one you're used to with cable TV.

A lot of people want to know, of course, how easy it is to get illegal satellite TV dishes, receivers, and so on. While stealing cable used to be a big pastime, it's no longer possible to get free programming like before. Now, with the advent of high quality digital satellite TV, home entertainment is better than ever but, alas, not to be had for free!

How Are You Prohibited from Using a Stolen Direct TV Receiver?

Yes, it's true that these pieces of equipment are just that. However, you can't simply buy stolen ones off the street and expect to receive satellite TV. Using a Direct TV receiver, for example, requires that you have a specific access card that allows you to communicate with the system.

When you sign up for Direct TV programming, you'll get one of these access cards. Don't worry-there's nothing that you'll need to learn about in terms of using it. You simply need to keep it in your home-it's one of the high-tech components that help make the satellite TV phenomenon a step in the right direction.

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