Direct Tv Receivers

Written by Laurie Nichol
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You might be pretty used to cable TV - it's easy to get comfortable with - just having a cable box does seem a lot more simple than having those big satellite dishes cluttering up your roof or property. But, the new generation of satellite TV is a lot simpler to deal with and less obtrusive than you might have realized! Companies like Dish TV and Direct TV have made the satellite phenomenon a very attractive option in ways that will surely lure you away from cable.

How Your TV Receives the Signal

When the satellite's signal strikes the satellite dish, it is then sent to your receiver. Direct TV receivers then unscramble the satellite signal, and transfer it into intelligible programming on your television screen. If you have more than one television in your house hooked up to a receiver, then all of those TVs can watch the same programming.

If, however, you have individual Direct TV receivers on each TV set in the house, then you can watch different shows on each of those sets. You can also order different pay-per-view movies to be watched simultaneously in different rooms. It all depends on your family's particular TV-watching habits.

The way the Direct TV company knows what you've watched, for billing purposes, is that your receiver is hooked up to your telephone line. Your receiver makes a phone call, lasting only a few seconds, in the middle of the night, which alerts the company as to what services you have utilized. You'll also find that it's relatively common to find companies that offer free Direct TV receivers and dishes, plus free installation, if you sign up for a year or more commitment.

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