Direct Tv Specials

Written by Laurie Nichol
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A lot of people have questions about which Direct TV specials offer the Music Choice option. It's funny--a lot of the questions regarding "special extras" can usually be answered with "It's included!" Music Choice is only one of the great "extras" that comes bundled up with even the most basic packages.

Basically, no matter which Direct TV specials you sign up for, you'll be getting a huge selection of entertainment options. The cheapest and most basic package, Total Choice, comes with over 115 channels that include sports, kids channels, movies, music, and more. Plus, you can still opt to get the same local channels you've always watched.

More Direct TV Specials!

For all of the movie and sports channels that your heart could desire, you can bump it up a notch. The Total Choice Premier package is one of the best satellite television options available. You get to access over 200 quality channels-enough to keep everyone in the family entertained.

Between Total Choice and Total Choice Premier, there's a considerable price difference. If you're a serious TV fan, then you know that it's worth it-plus, you're still saving money compared to cable! Still, you can find even better Direct TV deals when you buy through an online supplier--it's worth checking out the satellite TV systems suppliers who are offering deals in your area.

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