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Written by Gregg Ruais
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A Direct TV TiVo system makes an ideal companion for any sports fan, especially one living with people who prefer other programming. Direct TV customers have the option of purchasing various sports packages, enabling them to watch all the games of both local and non-local teams. However, many games are scheduled concurrently, and not everyone in all households wants to watch sporting events all the time.

For these reasons, TiVo becomes invaluable to both sports fans and those who live with them. A Boston Celtics fan, for example, may want to watch his favorite team and see LeBron James play on the same night. If the Celtics are not playing the Cleveland Cavaliers (LeBron's team), the Boston fan has to decide between the two games, unless he has TiVo. TiVo will record one game while the viewer watches another.

TiVo Accommodates Everyone

Many families find themselves arguing over which television shows they should watch. With Direct TV, there are just so many programs from which to choose; finding a consensus in any household is difficult. However, with TiVo, people are much more willing to compromise, because they can always watch their sitcoms, sporting events, or news broadcasts later on. That Celtics fan can actually TiVo both the Cavaliers game and the Celtics game while the rest of his family watches something he considers cheesy.

One of the best things about TiVo is it makes sporting events much shorter. A typical baseball game lasts three hours. However, when someone fast-forwards through all the timeouts, commercials, and dead time in between pitches, a game actually lasts only 45 minutes. With TiVo, fans catch all the action and exclude the garbage.

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