Written by Laurie Nichol
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How do DirecTV or DishNetwork keep up with the viewing demands of a large household? For those of us who are curious about possibly switching over to satellite systems, but aren't sure about how our families would take the change, this is a good question. When you have a lot of family members who don't always agree on the same programming, you have to have a solution.

In the past, cable companies allowed viewers to have multiple cable boxes in the house. Of course, you were charged extra for the privilege, but at least it helped keep order in the home! Nowadays, however, with DirecTV and the Dish Network, you can keep everybody happy far more simply.

When you're using a satellite dish for your TV watching, things are a little different. The satellite picks up the signal and sends it down into your house, to the receiver boxes. As long as you have separate receivers for each different viewing room, you're set. You can watch whatever you want, on different TVs-all with satellite quality and programming diversity!

Paying for DirecTV or Dish Network Receivers

While you had to pay more for multiple cable boxes, it's entirely possible to find great packages where you can have up to four satellite receivers free of charge. This is completely legitimate, and cuts the cost of having digital television in multiple rooms so low that it's far cheaper than having cable! Keeping everybody in the house happy has never been so easy!

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