Dish Network Vs Direct Tv

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Deciding between the Dish Network and Direct TV is like choosing between Coke and Pepsi. The decision hinges on preference. The only way to choose the wrong satellite service is by not knowing the advantages offered by each. For example, Direct TV has more customers, but does that mean their product is better, or does it simply show they have a smarter marketing department? That's for the customers at home to decide.

Both companies offer free installations for multiple rooms, and both of them offer Digital Video Recording systems. However, the Dish Network offers a DVR system for free, whereas Direct TV customers have the option of upgrading to TiVo. Another similarity between the two satellite providers is the selection of movie channels, for which the rates and programming are nearly identical. There is a slight variance in the amount of local television stations offered by each company; Direct TV offers some local programming that the Dish Network fails to cover, and vice versa. On these issues, the two competitors find themselves at an even draw.

Major Differences between Direct TV and the Dish Network

The main differences between the two lie in the programming available to the customers. The Dish Network does a better job of serving people who speak languages other than English. Direct TV offers some Spanish Channels, including HBOL and other movie stations. However, the Dish Network gives their customers the option of purchasing entire packages dedicated to folks who speak German, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, and a host of other languages.

Direct TV, on the other hand, caters to the sports fans of America, which may explain why this service has an edge in popularity. Direct TV customers can purchase NBA League Pass, ESPN Full Court, the MLS Package, and a handful of other packages that enable fans in all United States cities to watch all the games. Sports coverage is a selling point for many men who spend their weekends watching ballgames, especially to the people who root for teams not covered by local channels. The Dish Network offers sports packages, but Direct TV has the advantage in this area.

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